At the foothills of Mt. Makiling, the Sierra Madre Range, and Mount Banahaw, located is Laguna. Lakes, mountains, hot springs, waterways, falls, and jungles are nature’s limitless gifts to this particular province. It's surrounded by Laguna de bay - South East Asia’s largest freshwater lake. On this lake’s ridge lies a little crater gulf recognized as Crocodile Lake which makes it “a lake within a lake.�? Also perfect for all types of nature tripping like hiking, sightseeing, and outdoor camping is the mystical Mt. Makiling. differ from nature to hot spring types. Caliraya Lake within the towns of Cavinti and Lumban is an ideal example for water sports like fishing, wind surfing, jet skiing, and sailing.The intense mountain breeze that comes from Sierra Madre Mountain Ranges and far off Mt. Banahaw and also the lake’s deep waters make it an interesting place for water adventure. A trip to the rive of Dalitiwan in Botocan, Majayjay is going to be an exciting encounter as people uncover the tough landscape that leads to the top mountain to see the river’s wild current of extremely cold waters. The rush and excitement of "white water landing" can certainly be liked by tourists who flock to the prestigious Pagsanjan Falls wherein their boat are navigated by experienced boatmen through the streams and rocks that leads to the vibrant, pristine, and calming mountain river.

Natural as well as man-made hotspring resorts are all around the towns of Calamba and Los Banos that happen to be located at the foot of Mt. Makiling. As one immerses in the water, the effects are therapeutic to your psyche and relaxing to one's body. With more than five-hundred Laguna resorts in these towns, great options are available for family outing, corporate events, and special occasions. The City of Spring Resort, Splash Mountain Resort, La Vista Pansol, and Hidden Valley Springs are just few of them. Resorts in Laguna are also accessible because Laguna is merely a two-hour commute from Manila by way of South Luzon Express Way. As a growing centre of business and tourism activities, this “Resort Capital of the Philippines�? is also tagged as the “Silicon Valley of the Philippines.�?

About two to three- hour drive South of Manila is Taal Lake in Batangas - the centrepiece attraction of Southern Luzon. Batangas welcomes local and foreign guests with its alluring long sea-coast, pristine beaches, and luxury resort hotels. Surrounded by a lake is the ever popular Taal volcano - the smallest volcano in Asia. Its majestic grace should be enjoyed within a distance while having a cup of kapeng barako or Batangas famous black coffee which is popular for its powerful aroma and tastes. For an upclose encounter with Taal Volcano crater and for the rather adventurous, one may try the Calacuit trail.

The towns of Nasugbu, Calatagan, San Juan, Mabini, Lian, and Lobo are homes for prestigious Batangas beach resorts. Famous for fine white sand and as havens for colonies of living corals are the waters in San Juan and Lobo. Suitable for swimming, boating, and skin diving are the beaches in Lian. Popular for creamy whitesand and bright bamboo beach rafts, Matabungkay Beach is just one place that shines in Batangas. Most liked by local and international divers are the world-class dive and snorkeling places in Barangay Anilao, Mabini. Indeed, it is one of the country’s top destinations for under water adventure. Calatagan is a popular weekend destination because of its excellent rest houses, ancient Spanish provincial charm and ambiance, and breathtaking perspective of the seascape. Spa services, wakeboarding, snorkeling, diving, and access to Cape Santiago Lighthouse are available in this town. There are a lot more to do in the wonderful provinces of Southern Tagalog - Cavite has Tagaytay Highlands, while one may enjoy island hopping in Quezon. Your entire holiday will undoubtedly be a cultivating experience because of their finest delicacies, celebrations, lovely people, and heritage places.



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